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Annual Campaign - $8 a Month Club

Annually giving to Pi Deuteron makes a big difference to our house corporation’s ability to manage the house and provide for our undergraduate brothers. Please consider a donation. Our $8 a Month Club is just $96 annually. Any gift you are able to make is very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who generously gave to the Mighty Proud campaign to renovate our chapter house. As you can see from the photos below, it looks amazing and we are very grateful.

Donor List

Donor List

Mighty Proud Capital Campaign Donor List

Purple Clematis Society
($5,000 to $9,999)

Johanna Gurley
  In memory of
  James B. Gurley ’52
Vicki Henry
  In memory of
  Bill Henry ’66
Marilyn Nellis
  In memory of
  Jim Nellis ’53
William Hougland ’52
Larry S. Gutsch ’57
Thomas J. Moore Jr. ’58
Walter Strauch ’58
  In honor of the
  Pledge Class of 1954
Gerald D. Blatherwick ’60
Donald D. Adams ’61
Elbert E. Smith III, M.D. ’61
Bloskey Family Gift
  Terry L. Bloskey ’63
  Jeffrey S. Bloskey ’89
  Jeffrey S. Bloskey II ’20
R. Wayne Thompson ’64
Bob “BJ” Bjorseth ’65
  In memory of
  Jerry Thornton ’65 and
  Kerry Bolton ’65
Ron W. Ferguson ’66
Peter W. Stauffer ’69
Selders Family Gift
  George E. Selders ’74
  Brent S. Selders ’02
George Kohake ’76
  In memory of
  Andrew Kohake
Richard W. Seagraves ’78
Glen “Eddie” Gipin II ’79
Scott M. Teeter ’79
John Mason ’80
John H. ’80 and
  Beverly A. Mitchelson
  In memory of
  Jeffrey A. Bland ’82 and
  William Bradley Frizell ’81
Steve Mueller ’80
Kevin E. Nunnally ’83
Steven R. Patton ’83
Mike Paul ’85
Jeffrey B. Stanton ’85
  In honor of the
  Pledge Class of 1981
Jay Eck ’86
Robert L. Smith Jr. ’87
Phillip D. Eck ’88
Kerr Holbrook ’88 and
  Dillard Families
  In memory of
  Alexis Dillard ’92
Dave L. Deason ’89
  In honor of the
  Class of 1989
Rob Riggle ’92
Matthew P. Shaffer ’92
Kurt Goeser ’93
Christopher B. Vine ’93
Brown-Lee Family Gift
  Jake Brown ’02
  Nick Lee ’08
Michael H. Sullivan ’03

Snowy White Owl Society
($2,500 to $4,999)

Kline Family Gift
  In memory of
  Bob Kline ’51
James R. Boyd ’42
  In honor of
  David T. Jervis ’77
W. Sewall Macferran ’48
  In memory of
  Rev. Hervey W. Macferran ’50
James S. Heaton ’51
  In memory of his father,
  E. Ray Heaton ’10
Humphreys D.
   “Hump” Hodge ’56
David T. Runyan ’58
Laird G. Noller ’59
Robert H. Simpson ’60
Jon P. Morris ’63
Hyter Family Gift
  Charles K. Hyter ’65
  Weston K. Hyter ’95
  Stephen D. Hyter ’97
  In memory of
  Clair D. Hyter ’34 and
  Richard S. “Rick” Hyter ’68
G. William W.
  Boulware III ’66
Grant G. Goodman ’66
Lilgendahl Family Gift
  Charles W. Lilgendahl Jr. ’66
  C. Jeff Lilgendahl ’96
Kirk McConachie ’66
David E. Norris ’66
Don Welch ’66
Howard L. Wilcox Jr. ’66
Richard W. Hoener ’67
David S. Ingalls ’67
Mark A. Kirkpatrick ’67
George Wait ’67
J. Michael Maloney ’68
Nevin K. Waters ’68
Jeffrey W. Davis ’70
John A. Cadwalader ’71
C. Wayne Olander ’71
  In memory of
  Carl E. Olander Jr. ’51 and
  James B. Olander ’51
Richard B. Cray Jr. ’75
Joel Bruggen ’78
Thomas L. Byers ’79
Brian J. Bagby ’80
Jim Bloom ’80
Koehn Family Gift
  Kevin Koehn ’76
  Brad T. Koehn ’80
Scott H. McCallister, M.D. ’81
Steve McClain ’81
  In memory of
  Harold Channel
John C. Thomas ’83
Dana Johnson ’85
Jonathan S. Austin ’87
Paul O. Diamond ’88
Thomas K. Pratt ’88
Stephen Smith ’90
Trey Barnes ’91
Cliff Cate ’92
Jameson Family Gift
  Chris Jameson ’00
  Matt Jameson ’01
Daniel E. Huck ’01
Colin D. Meisinger ’01
  In memory of
  Mark W. Meisinger ’69
Jeff D. Mullen ’05
  In honor of
  Jerod M. Nieder ’05

Billy Morgan Society
($250,000 and above)

  In honor of the
  Class of 1985
John Bumgarner Jr. ’64

1540 Louisiana Society
($100,000 to $249,999)

Mitchelson Family Gift
  Fred Mitchelson ’44
  Kevin F. Mitchelson ’79
  John H. Mitchelson ’80
  J. Brendan Mitchelson ’10
  J. Michael Mitchelson ’12
  Stuart R. Mitchelson ’14
  Daniel H. Colebank ’15
  William J. Mitchelson, NYU ’16
Richard D. Smith ’54
Horejsi Family Gift
  Stewart R. Horejsi ’59
  John S. Horejsi ’90
Edward A. Roberts Jr. ’63
Hondros Family Gift
  John G. Hondros ’66
  Morgan G. Hondros ’03

Black Diamond Society
($50,000 to $99,999)

Charles T. Crawford ’52
Heeney Family Gift
  Steven J. Heeney ’78
  Nathan D. Heeney, ASU ’17
  In memory of
  Richard D. Heeney ’54
Joseph Hannah ’79
William G. Bartley ’80
Tom Walsh ’80
Mark Noller ’85
Pi Deuteron Undergraduates

Royal Purple Society
($25,000 to $49,999)

John F. Eulich ’51
John R. Bunten ’54
Gilbert Reich ’54
Stinson Family Gift
  Robert Stinson ’56
  Michael Stinson ’80
  S. Matthew Stinson ’83
  Thomas Stinson ’89
Clevenger Family Gift
  Thomas R. Clevenger ’57
  Jack N. Clevenger ’68
Thomas H. Collinson ’64
Gary Gradinger ’65
John C. Nelson ’66
  In memory of
  Kay Nelson
Boyd Family Gift
  Bob Boyd ’67
  Rick Boyd ’93
Joseph C. Lukens ’70
David T. Jervis ’77
Brooks Augustine ’80
James M. Corbett ’80
G. William Quatman II ’80
Jason S. Austin ’89
  In memory of
  Joel D. Grantham ’89 and
  Dan J. McDevitt ’89
  In honor of the
  Pledge Class of 1985
Clayton P. Reid ’89
  In honor of the
  Pledge Class of 1985
Naaman D. Ritchie ’91
  In memory of
  J. Proctor Ritchie ’39

White Star Society
($10,000 to $24,999)

FIJI Moms Club
Willard B. Thompson ’51
  In memory of
  Dwight H. Thompson,
    Omicron ’11 and
  Dwight H. Thompson Jr. ’49
Davis Family Gift
  Heywood H.
     “Woody” Davis ’52
  Thomas W. Davis ’81
  In memory of
  Donald Dwight Davis ’18
Betty and Shelby Smith ’52
Joseph S. McClelland ’54
Richard I. Barr ’59
John Boyd Martin ’59
Boeger Family Gift
  Roger C. Boeger ’60
  Brett M. Boeger ’88
Daniel T. Hogerty II ’61
Ryan Family Gift
  Stephen C. Ryan ’64
  Marc R. Ryan ’67
  Scott R. Ryan ’90
  Luke L. Ryan ’00
  Sean O. Ryan ’03
F. Alan Stamper ’64
Walker Family Gift
  Graham M. Walker ’64
  Thomas Walker ’92
  Lockhart Walker ’93
O’Brien Family Gift
Steve P. Brooks ’66
Tuffy Mayor ’66
Dale F. Peel ’66
Curtis S. Heinz ’68
  In memory of
  Paul H. Heinz Jr. ’41
Doug Wheat ’72
James P. Gillespie ’74
Rusty Clark ’76
Jack Marvin ’78
Rex W. Henoch ’79
Robert A. Parrish ’79
Mark Chase ’80
Roscoe Mendenhall III ’80
Glenn E. Nyberg ’80
Brad Schrock ’83
Bryan D. Eck ’87
  In honor of the
  Pledge Class of 1983
Grantham Family Gift
  J. Aaron Grantham ’87
  Connor J. Grantham ’14
  Dillon J. Grantham ’20
  In memory of
  Joel D. Grantham ’89
Brian M. Johnston ’87
  In honor of
  Pledge Class of 1983
J. Andrew Morrison Jr. ’87
Scott M. Adam ’88
Mike Reynolds ’88
Monte Soukup ’88
Adam McLeod ’06
Robert Delaney ’10
  In honor of the
  Class of 2010