Pi Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta
University of Kansas

This project is critical to the continued success of Pi Deuteron. Read more about the project in our capital campaign brochure.


Capital Campaign Board

Honorary Steering Committee
Thomas R. Clevenger ’57
Stewert R. Horejsi ’59
John G. Hondros ’66
Thomas J. Walsh ’80
John S. Horejsi ’90
Robert A. Riggle Jr. ’92

Campaign Chairmen
Kevin F. Mitchelson ’79
Dan H. Lowe ’85

Campaign Executive Committee
Heywood H. “Woody” Davis ’52
William M. Hougland ’52
Roger C. Boeger ’60
John C. Bumgarner ’64
Rusty Clark ’76
David T. Jervis ’76
Steven J. Heeney ’78
J. Brooks Augustine ’80
David A. Claflin ’85
J. Andrew Morrison ’87
Richard R. Boyd ’93