Phi Gamma Delta is a great fraternity with a rich history. Our Fraternity offers much to our members through leadership development, educational programs, and lifelong friendships. We say that Phi Gamma Delta is “not for college days alone.” Our brothers may graduate from their higher education institutions, but they never graduate from Phi Gamma Delta. They carry with them lifelong friendships, plus skills and experiences from their undergraduate years. And there is always an opportunity for active involvement beyond college. If you are interested in joining FIJI click here.

Alumni, we value your referrals. If you know of good men on campus who have not joined a fraternity or of high school seniors headed to KU, please recommend and impress upon them the values of Phi Gamma Delta. You may submit prospect recommendations using the form located here.

Prospective Rushes:

Interested in rushing Phi Gamma Delta, but want to know more?  Learn more about what our chapter has to offer by clicking on the links below!

Our Scholarship Opportunities

Our House Mother, Jackie

Our New House Renovations

Recruitment Chairmen:

Joseph Kolega ’19
Lenexa, KS
(913) 202-2987                                                              

Patrick Jewell ’20
Shawnee, KS
(913) 787-4915                                                                 

Collin Healy ’20
Omaha, NB
(402) 990-2275                                                                                                                                                                        

Interested in rushing? Contact any of the above rush chairmen or feel free to email We look forward to hearing from you!




Scholarship Opportunities  

          The Pi Deuteron chapter at the University of Kansas is one of the oldest Phi Gamma Delta has to offer. Dating back to 1881, we have an enormous amount of graduate brothers and history funding an extensive amount of scholarships. Below are just a few of the many opportunities each initiated brother has at receiving financial aid and rewards from within the chapter alone.


Scholarship Lived out:

Scholarship is something our chapter prides itself on focusing on throughout the entire year. We continually add more and more aspects to our scholarship program so our brothers have the tools they need to achieve success.

This semester, our chapter installed seven whiteboards and refurbished the scholarship room in effort to provide a better atmosphere for studies. We intend to continually improve our scholarship room in the near future.

1) We've recently introduced a scholarship for final exams. This plan was set to encourage the best performance possible on final exams, as they are typically the highest percentage of one's grades for a semester. 

2) Academic Advisors: To assure that the incoming pledge class adjusts well to the college atmosphere we now set them up with Academic Advisors. These are generally upperclassman in the house that are in the same major or field as they may be. Each individual is assigned one, and they are intended to be their mentor for the beginning of their college experience.


International Phi Gamma Delta Scholarships

All new initiates are eligible to receive a $250 scholarship from nationals if they achieve a 3.2 GPA or better their pledge semester.

For more scholarships, take a look at the scholarships page.


Our Chapter's Scholarships

More information will be provided to members by the Scholarship Chairmen throughout the school year.

1.      The Horejsi Scholarship Program: This scholarship is for freshmen only. Five $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to the top achievers in our freshmen class each year.  Freshmen for the next four years who have won a scholarship can keep it going after their freshman year, by making a 3.2 (or better that the House GPA, if it is higher than a 3.2). Scholarships earned in the Fall will be paid in mid-Spring semester. Scholarships earned in the Spring will be paid at Thanksgiving.  

2.     The Payne Family Scholarships: Awarded in the fall and spring based on an application process.

The recipients must satisfy the following criteria: 

1.              Scholarships are based on financial need.

2.              Applicants must have no less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

3.              Recipients must be living in the Chapter house and be a sophomore, junior or senior during the school year for which the scholarship is awarded.

4.              Acceptance of a scholarship award imposes an obligation to begin and complete full-time study in the semester following the semester in which the award is granted.

Awards are to be applied to tuition.


3.     David E. Norris Scholarships: Awarded in the spring at the Scholarship Dinner based on nominations by class.

Outstanding senior

Outstanding junior

Outstanding sophomore

The recipients must satisfy the following criteria:

1.              Live in the Chapter house; house bill current; and carry at least 12 hours.

2.              The average of the previous two semesters must equal a 3.0 GPA.

3.              Must have been involved in at least one major activity on campus or in the fraternity house.

4.              Must have exemplified leadership in the house.

5.              Must be nominated by the members of his respected class brothers (no more than three members of a class may be nominated).

6.              Must submit a written resume¢ explaining in detail his qualifications.  The resume¢ must also carry the signature of the Purple Legionnaire. 


4.     Helen Moore Memorial Scholarship: Awarded at the Scholarship Dinner in the spring for the previous fall semester to the highest academic performance of the newly initiated members (Honor Initiate).


5.     Lee Phillips Scholarships: Awarded at the Scholarship Dinner in the spring for GPA earned in the previous fall semester.

-       Honor senior – highest GPA

-       Honor junior – highest GPA

-       Honor sophomore – highest GPA

-       Most improved brother

Must live in the Chapter house; house bill current; and carry at least 12 hours.


6.     June Ritchie Memorial Scholarships: Awarded each fall semester at the Norris Pig Dinner, based on the previous year spring semester.

-       Top Ten GPA’s are awarded scholarships based on spring semester grades

Must live in the Chapter house; house bill current; and carry at least 12 hours.


7.     Robert P. Racliffe Brotherhood Award: 

Awarded at the Scholarship Dinner in the spring to recognize the member of the Senior Class who most emulates good brotherhood.  Nominations must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, be current on his house bill and live in the house.



House Mom Jackie

House Mom Jackie

House Mom Jackie Henderson

"Jackie is a saint" is the most common phrase used to describe her.  We love Jackie like our mom away from home.  She's always around to talk to, and helps run much of the overlooked day to day aspects of the FIJI house.  Our house would not be the same without her.  Jackie has been with the Fiji house since 2011 and we hope she will remain with us for as long as possible!  As part of the new renovations, a two story add on was built to house Jackie during the school year.  She is always available to help, eats every meal with us, and frequently hangs out with us in the foyer. We cannot express our love for Jackie in any better way than to refer to her as the "saint" that she is.