Organization of Chapter Meetings

This page explains the basics of Robert’s Rules of Procedure to help guide the order of business in chapter meetings. For information regarding votes required, etc. see the bylaws page. (Rituals not included)

  1. Roll Call

  2. Reading of the previous chapter’s minutes (By Recording Secretary)

  3. Committee Reports: Begin with cabinet and then refer to chairmen.

  4. Special Orders: President announces anything not covered by the other reports that does not fall under new/old business.

  5. Old Business: The agenda should be created by cabinet prior to the meeting.

    a. President introduces each item - after introducing it, turn it over to the cabinet member heading that piece of business (only if needed - otherwise president maintains direction of the conversation)

  6. New Business: This agenda should also be procured by cabinet before chapter, but members/chairmen may bring up new business during the meeting after the established agenda has been addressed.

  7. Chapter Comments and